Teachers Advertise Love of Books


Brian Gamble, Associate Editor

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This year, teachers have enacted a new practice of posting what books they’re reading in front of their classrooms.

The new tradition has subtly swept over the school as more and more teachers have joined the movement as the school year has steadily progressed.

“Teachers have started posting about what we’re reading in order to spark conversation within the school community about literature,” says Humanities Department Co-Chair Kelly, Neely. “As teachers, we’re learners as well, and reading helps everyone to learn new ideas, inspire our imagination, and stay connected with the world.”

The new movement was pioneered by humanities teacher Kyla Graves, who was the first to post what she was reading in front of her door. Head of Middle School Carl Rapisarda Vallely then decided to encourage other teachers to participate in the practice.

“I actually heard about this from my husband who works at another independent school,” said humanities teacher Kyla Graves. “I loved the idea that teachers and staff at the school were sharing their personal readings with the community, and it made me realize that I should be sharing my own reading with my students and the community as a whole.”

The ultimate goal of the tradition is to inspire the students of the school to read and get interested in books of a plethora of different genres.

“I hope that seeing these signs will inspire others to read what Im reading,” said music teacher Luca Antonucci. “Maybe somebody will read the book I’m reading and come and chat about it!”