Curling Leads Winter Sports Teams


“I want to continue to develop my abilities in the sport while working on my own curling skills. I want all the curlers to enjoy coming to curling everyday and improve along the way.” — Curling Co-Captain Samantha Estrada ’20

Molly McHugh, Writer

This winter, some high school teams are experiencing more success than others, with curling on top.

With a 6-10 record, Varsity I Boys Basketball starter Gianni Thompson ’21 says that the season is off to a slow start. He hopes to focus on improving not only his game, but also how to help his teammates grow.

Gianni Thompson ’21 plays defense . Photo by David Barron.

“We were expected to win more games than we have, but there’s always more games,” Thompson said. We work best as a team when we share the ball and everyone has motivation to play hard.”

Marianne Alagos ’21, Co-Captain of Varsity Girls Basketball, says that her team is doing well at  4-3. She also praises the team’s organization and support for each other.

“I am proud of my teammates and I’m really happy to have a new coach this year,” Alagos said. “We can improve on more communication, but overall we are doing very well. When we lift each other up and communicate well, that is when we play our best.”

Marianne Alagos ’21 goes for the layup.Photo by Sue Cuyler.

Miles Munkacy ’20, Co-Captain of Varsity II Boys Basketball, explains that with few wins, the season has been tough.

“The difficulty of a new division is showing,” Munkacy said. “We’ve been in a lot of close games, but we’ve haven’t managed to seal the deal in many games. However, we’ve been getting better, and hopefully we can peak in the playoffs.”

Munkacy also hopes to improve on not making as many small mistakes. “At the end of the day, a lot of our losses come down to bad turnovers, missed layups, and missed foul shots,” he said.

Miles Munkacy goes for the layup. Photo by David Barron.

Kelly Rimas ’22, who is new to the Curling team, says that the season is going well. The Gators currently have three teams at the top of the standings, with two other teams just outside of the top eight.

“My favorite part is probably throwing the stone, and even though they don’t get in the center where they’re supposed to, it is still fun,” Rimas said.

Rimas says she hopes to improve as the season progresses.

Co-Captain Samantha Estrada ’20 throws the stone. Photo by Amanda Frank.