Slotnick Returns for 4th Annual Wellness Week

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Grace Papas, Outgoing Executive Editor

Over seven school days, earlier this month, students had in-depth discussions with Will Slotnick, founder of Wellness Collaborative, about substance abuse and stress management techniques.

Slotnick, who first came here in 2017, strives to engage students in thought-provoking, practical discussions about the risks of alcohol and drugs. His approach is informative, rather than dogmatic; he presents the facts, leaving students to draw their own conclusions.

“He gives really good advice around topics of drug addiction, like if you or a family member are struggling with addiction, considering it is a sensitive topic,” Kelly Rimas ’22 said.

While his methods are effective, some students would appreciate more variety around subject matter during lectures.

“I enjoyed my sessions with Mr. Slotnick, and I felt like it was informative,” Edan Zinn ’23 said. “But I wish that there was some new content for high schoolers.”