Senate Launches Gator Talk


Katarina Klacko, Writer

Senior Class Representative William Apostolica will kick off the Upper School Senate’s new GatorTalk, a monthly event modeled after a Ted Talk, for a new  initiative to tap into community passion and expertise.

“I plan to talk about my passion for fighting for the environment, and I how I hope to one day defend the planet through the law,” Apostolica said. “I also want to highlight what interests me in the field of environmental science and how I can encourage others to participate.

An application to speak at one of the events was sent out to the Upper School via email, and Senate hopes to see many register.

Going forward, the plan is for GatorTalk to be held on the first Thursday of every month. Senate hopes to continue this new monthly event until the end of the school year, and hopefully during next year as well.

Moreno promises food at every meeting, Upper School Senate President Stephen Moreno ’20 said.

“GatorTalk is a monthly event led by the Senate where students or faculty members are given an opportunity to talk about topics that they are passionate about,” Moreno said.