Fashion Flash: Kenley Smith


David M. Barron; ©David M. Barron/oxygengroup

English teacher Kenley Smith with her senior AP Literature class. Photo by David Barron.

Dessie Bell-Kamen, Writer

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What are the most important things you consider when picking out your outfit for the day?

Comfort and some sort of fun aspect I enjoy (sparkly earrings or a bright sweater).

What are your favorite articles of clothing/accessory?

 ​I love long skirts and soft t-shirts as they are comfortable but can be dressed up or down.

What stores/websites do you like to shop at?​

My favorite is probably Anthropologie – in store and online, but I also like finding one of a kind stuff on Etsy or at vintage shops.

Would you express yourself differently if there was not a dress code? If so, how? 

Oh, my yes! I’d wear pajamas, way more sparkly jewelry (tiaras included), lots of yoga pants, and probably flip flops. My dream garment is a glitter jumpsuit.

Who/what inspires how you dress?

I like people who look as if they are only dressing for themselves and are not worried about what others think. My style icons are Iris Apfel, Bill Porter, and Diana Vreeland, who said that we don’t owe prettiness to anyone. “Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female’.” I endorse the idea that a woman’s goal in dressing does not need to be worrying if she is pretty before all other things.

How does your style reflect your personality?

I think that my style is a reflection of my desire to work well at my job (hence the comfort) but to have fun every day (the sparkle and the bright colors).