Homecoming: A Sneak Peak

Sarah Smith, Enna Spivak, and Shani Breiman

Varsity Soccer teams will go head-to-head with competing schools in the annual homecoming soccer games, Saturday, Oct. 18.

The girls will face The Master’s School on Orr Field at 12:00 p.m. The Boys game will begin immediately afterward, with kick-off at 2:30 p.m against the Hoosac School.

The girls have had a challenging season, made all the more so by Captain Chardon Brooks ’15 ACL tear over the summer. The team suffered losing four other starters, including Kristin Gates ’15, Claudia Slifka ‘16, Rebecca Calhoun ’19, and Sophie Lapat ‘18.

“Homecoming is always a good time, and its exciting because of the fans that come and watch, so this year we’re really looking forward to it,” veteran player Alina Fischer ’16 said. “But it will be a tough game considering all the injuries our players have suffered. Unfortunately most of those players were starters, but it is amazing to see how our team has pushed through and grown.”

For their part, the boys have had some bumps in the road as well. During their Sept. 16 game at CSW, an aggressive playing Ju’Quan Mills ’17 suffered a concussion by running into another player. He is still in the red-zone, and the boys will have to fair without him for the foreseeable future.

Here is some insight about what people from Brimmer think of soccer and homecoming:

“Soccer is life,” Anthony Anderson ’17 said. “There is no deeper way of putting it”.

“Homecoming will be a great chance for the varsity girls soccer team to showcase their talents against the Master’s School, who plays in a conference above us,” says Girls’ Varsity Head Coach Peter Gordon.

“Soccer gives me something to look forward to all the time. Wether its that I have the chance to play or wether it is admiring professionals that have built character into me since I was a child, soccer is something that is always at my side.” Simon Acevedo ’16

Director of Development Elizabeth Smith encourages the School’s alumni to “come back and visit their old school and visit their friends and teachers,” also noting that event is posted on the School’s Facebook page.