Alperin ’21 Starts Community Mask Initiative


An array of masks made by Avery Alperin ’21.

Michael Young, Journalist

During this pandemic, it is important to help those who are most vulnerable. Medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses are putting themselves at risk to protect others.

Personal protection equipment is vital to ensuring continued health for these workers. With masks and other forms of protection in high demand, it is becoming harder to provide the workers with the gear they need.

As social distancing continues, many towns and cities have strongly encouraged citizens to wear masks when leaving home.

Luckily for them, the public has come to their support, and many people are volunteering to make masks.

One of those people is Avery Alperin ’21. With the help of Kathyrn Lee, Director of Innovation, Alperin hosted zoom sessions to teach community members how to make masks.

“They’re taking care of us, so it’s important to take care of them,” Alperin said.

As there are no clear signs of the pandemic ending soon, contributions from community members play a large role in combating the virus.

Making masks can help medical workers stay safe from the outbreak, so they can continue to save lives. As they are always helping us, it is our turn to help them.