Fashion Flash: Ana Forgit ’21

Molly McHugh, Writer

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What are the most important things you consider when picking out your outfit for the day?

The most important thing I consider when picking out my outfit for the day is the weather. I want to be comfortable throughout the day and any errands I have to do. If it’s not comfortable, then what is the point? I also consider if it matches (my top and bottom). I like to make sure the outfit looks presentable and not something I picked up at the last minute.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

My favorite article of clothing is tops. I really enjoy picking out tops because every top has a certain design or flow to it. It is also more fun in a way, I feel like picking out bottoms is very easy, but with tops, you can get creative and see what works.

What stores/websites do you like to shop at?

I like to stop at American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. I mostly get my clothes from American Eagle and Urban. Both stores have very comfortable clothing and when it comes to dressing for school, a lot of their clothing is dress code friendly. In general, I just like their patterns and their clothing fits well.

Are you able to dress easily every day without thinking about the dress code? How would you dress differently if the school did not have a dress code?

I am able to dress easily for the dress code. I tend to wear sweaters and jeans or leggings most of the days of the week. When it comes to the warmer days, I will mostly wear dresses or jeans and a short-sleeve shirt. Dress code isn’t too stressful as most clothing I find fits the standards. I honestly wouldn’t dress much differently. During the summer I wear the clothes I would wear to school. I think the only thing different is shorts and maybe a tank top.

Do you prefer online shopping or street shopping? Why?

I enjoy street shopping. Street shopping you are able to try on the clothes and see if they fit before spending your money. I also enjoy street shopping for the ability to match different items together and trying them on, as well as if I don’t like the fit or see myself wearing it too often, I can easily put it back.

How does your style reflect your personality?

I feel like my style reflects my outgoing but also shy personality. I wear a lot of sweaters and don’t complicate my outfits to stand out. However, if it’s a dress day or I really like a new outfit I purchased, I will doll up.