School Spearheads Diversity Initiative

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Zoe Kaplan, Associate Editor

The School recently announced an initiative to establish an “Internship for Teachers of Color” to launch sonmetime in 2021.

Middle School Head Carl Rapisarda-Vallely, Co-Director of Faculty Recruitment Cecelia Pan, and Head of School Judith Guild will lead the project. 

“Our goal would be to hire recent graduates who want to teach in Independent Schools and provide them with a paid internship for two years,” Guild said. “This would allow them to gain some valuable experience under the supervision of an experienced faculty.”

The program will also offer seminars and the chance to be a part of the independent school world, helping the School’s faculty to become more diverse, while also contributing to diversity in other independent schools.

Director of Equity and Inclusion Jessica Christian spoke highly of the program.

“While I feel our faculty fully embraces equity and inclusion work, we will be able to expand and enhance that even more as we diversify our faculty,” Christian said.