Students Remark on First Day of School

Natalie Kozhemiakin, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

The first day of school is an exciting event for many students and can evoke feelings of anxiety and excitement—even during normal times.

This has been the general image of the first day of school for years, though as students approach the 2020-2021 school year, they face a different reality. 

Although the excitement of the first day of school is still quite alive, frequent hand washing, six-foot distances, and one-way hallways have become the new norm for students across the globe as they return to their classrooms.

As schools begin to reopen after nearly 200 days since closing for the COVID-19 pandemic, students are challenged to return to a daily routine with numerous precautions.

September 8 marked the first day of classes here. Students quickly found that they were able to successfully navigate the foreign situation of returning back to school amidst a pandemic with guidance from teachers and peers.

Sylvia Tejada ‘23, who is attending school in-person, shared her feelings on returning to the Brimmer campus.

“I am super glad to be back and feel that Brimmer has done a great job with making sure that everyone is comfortable and safe,” Tejada said. “I found it kind of difficult to adjust to staying 6-feet away from people considering I haven’t seen my friends in so long, but I think that Brimmer also did a good job at making times throughout the day, like lunch, where I was able to socialize with friends while following the social distancing guidelines.”

Although some students prefer learning on campus, others have chosen to engage remotely by opting into the School’s Concurrent Learning plan. In order to facilitate remote learning, classrooms have been equipped with cameras so that teachers can stream classes for students who are learning from home.

Ugo Adiele ‘23 is starting the school year remotely. 

My return to school went well for me,” Adiele said. “I had no problems with joining classes, and my teachers made the transition easier. They gave me all the basic information that I needed for each class which was very helpful.”

For his part, Upper School Dean of Students Paul Murray is pleased with how students handled the first day of school.

“I am so proud of the way students responded to new restrictions and expectations. We are asking a lot of you, but after the first two days, it is clear that you are all up to the challenge,” Murray said. “That reflects not only your desire to be back at school but also your dedication to the Core Values, especially responsibility and kindness. The readiness and willingness of the students to abide by these new guidelines show how much you all care about the school and each other.”

Evidently, the majority of students have found the first day of school to be a success and a welcoming transition into the new school year, and teachers have largely shown satisfaction with the behaviors of the Brimmer community.

The school is hopeful that students will continue to respect the new rules and keep the community safe and healthy.