School Continues with Reopening


Gator file photo.

Brian Gamble, Managing Editor

With the completion of the second week of classes, the School has allowed more grades on campus each day, while also modifying its hybrid schedule to the amount of remote learning days per week.

This announcement came from Upper School Head Joshua Neudel and Upper School Dean Paul Murray.

“The plan is to gradually get more kids into campus,” Murray said. “The first couple of weeks in the phased reopening were remarkably successful, but I think I think a lot of that success came from the fact that we started as slowly as we did, as the kids and faculty were getting their feet under them. After assessing how the first few weeks went, we decided to add in a third grade.”

Murray, who has played a large role in the design of the new schedule, has played an integral role in the School’s ability to remain open.

When asked about his plan regarding the reopening process in the near future, he said, “I don’t think anything is set in stone. Every step of the way, we’re gonna be reevaluating and seeing what’s working and what’s not. This is the structure for the next few weeks, and if everything seems to be trending in the right direction, we’ll augment the plan as we go down the line.”

Students are still adjusting to the updated schedule and the challenges it can present.

“I think that the new change has overall been positive for me, but the reduction of online school days has been a bit stressful,” Lilliana Palmer ‘23 shared. “I wouldn’t really change anything, except that I believe that having 2 days of online school is beneficial.”