The Pride of Musical Theater


Gator Staff

Students from the Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP) and Musical Theater went to see The Lion King in Boston on Thursday, Oct. 1.

For two hours at the Boston Opera House, students were transported to the African Savanna for an incredible adventure.

Originally a 1994 Disney animated movie, in 1997, The Lion King opened as a Broadway musical directed by Julie Taymor—and has since taken the American public by storm. Recently, it beat out Phantom of the Opera as the most successful show in American musical history.

Creative Arts Diploma Program Head Bill Jacob said, ”We don’t usually attend broadway shows with the Creative Arts Diploma kids, we prefer to go to smaller venues and more out of the way shows that students aren’t likely to go see on their own.” He was able to justify this trip because of the huge impact it had on musical theater. “And we also got a really good deal on tickets.”

Musical Theater teacher Carl Rapisarda-Vallely, who launched the class this year, has seen the show several times. “I think one of the best ways to learn about theater, besides doing it, is to see it,” he said.

Before finding his seat at the theater, CAP student Tony Evans ’16 expressed his excitement. “I’ve never seen the musical before, and I’ve never been to the Opera House before, so I think it’s just going to be so much fun for me.” Indeed, at intermission, “fun” sounded like the general consensus. Dashaun Simon ’17, gave his opinion. “The show is amazing. The actors, the stage performance, the dancing, it was incredible.” Nick Correia ’17 interrupted him, exclaiming “It’s roaring!” Dashaun laughed, “I guess so. The connection where everything came together was just impeccable and it was really good.”

Walking out of the theater, Kaitlin Murphy ’17 expressed what most everyone else was thinking “The show was amazing. The choreography, the costumes, the music, it was all incredible.”