School Announces Updated Testing Plan

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Karly Hamilton

As the weather turns colder and Thanksgiving break approaches, the School has informed the community of additional COVID-19 precautions being taken in the coming months. 

In last week’s weekly bulletin, the COVID Response Team (CRT) announced that students will be asked to undergo testing before returning to campus after extended breaks. 

“It is our intention to continue in-person, on campus learning at our current level in the weeks between Thanksgiving and December break,” the bulletin said. 

This led to the decision to close campus for the week of Thanksgiving, allowing for additional rest during the pandemic. In past years, Upper School students would be on campus the Monday before Thanksgiving, which will not be the case this year.

As for COVID-19 testing, the School will request all students, faculty, and staff come to campus and take a “school-administered non-invasive test,” according to the bulletin. Testing will occur Monday, November 30, and the following day will be taught remotely while the School waits to receive testing results. 

“Our goal is to have all test results back by Tuesday, so we can reopen in person with a stable virus baseline on Wednesday, December 2,” the CRT shared. “Students who refrain from testing can either quarantine for 14 days before being able to return to campus or test negative 3-5 days after Thanksgiving day. 

Looking farther ahead, the School shared similar plans for returning from the two-week winter break in December. While the plans have not been finalized, the CRT shared tentative plans to be fully remote from January 4-8. 

According to the bulletin, over the week “the School will request once again that all students, faculty, and staff come to campus and take the school-administered non-invasive test.” Again, students who are not tested will be asked to quarantine for 14-days or produce a negative test before returning to campus.