Winter Prompts Questions About Lunch, Snow Days


A blizzard from 2016 hammers campus. Gator file photo.

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

With snowfall starting as early as October this year, students here are faced with a pressing question: what will happen if there is a snow day?

Since the School has recently adapted classes to take place over Zoom as well as in-person, snow days could become a thing of the past.

When asked how she would feel about snow days over Zoom, Zoe Kaplan ’21 said, “It might be hard to concentrate because even when we are at school people get distracted by the snow. People could look out the window and not be as productive. I understand the need to get work done, but I think snow days should still be a day off from school.” 

Most students tend to agree with Kaplan. When faced with the same question, Brian Gamble ’23 echoed Kaplan’s statement.

“There was always the opportunity for teachers to send work on snow days, but they never did, so why start now?” Gamble inquired. “I think snow days are always a nice break and some of my favorite days.”

Head of Upper School Joshua Neudel shared that no official plans are in place for possible snow days this year.

“In terms of snow days, we have not come up with any official policies. Snow days can be complicated, because there are some factors that may go beyond having students join a Zoom call,” Neudel said. “Mrs. Guild will ultimately make these calls, but this could depend on the type of snow storm we are expecting.”

Another pressing concern is how lunch will proceed as the weather turns colder. Due to the pandemic, lunch has been eaten outside under tents to facilitate eating from a safe distance.

When asked about how cold weather will impact this arrangement, Neudel shared, “For lunch, we will continue to be outside for as long as possible. The tents are scheduled to be up until December break, but they do need to come down if we have a forecast for more than a few inches of snow.” 

As for when the snow comes, new plans are in the works.

“We have a few different plans that we are working on for lunch,” Neudel continued. “We would utilize the gym, Dining Commons, and a few other rooms for indoor lunch.”

Neudel also affirmed the importance of community members sharing their thoughts on how to approach the winter season and shared that the School is open to suggestions.

With Zoom, Should Snow Days Go Extinct?


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