School Announces Gym, Fitness Center Renovations


Head of School Judith Guild is excited to announce a renovation to the Thompson Gym and Orr Fitness Center during the upcoming holiday break.

“It is important that our athletic facility is clean and modern, and we want our students to be proud of their space,” she said. “While this is not a comprehensive building change, it will help serve our student athletes well for the next several years.”

The remodeling will include refurbished locker rooms, which will enhance pre-game preparedness through updated facilities, and an improved entry. For the first time toilets will also be installed in the boys’ locker room, and the rearrangement will create more space for lockers and players.

The fitness center will also be refurbished, featuring new equipment to maximize the space and efficiency of the heavily used area.

With the recent redesign of the official School logo, the renovation represent the administration’s continued efforts to rebrand the community. A team of architects is working toward a more modern vibe, incorporating the color scheme and aura embraced in the new logo.

The School continues to respond to its Strategic Priorities, which can be found on the website. Beyond the gym’s renovations, the School is also investigating ways to improve and expand athletic fields.

The community hopes to energize the second half of the winter season with a new feel to the gym, and to meet the growing demand for space.