Students Find Safe Ways to Socialize


Edan Zinn

Students socialize outside while waiting for lunch.

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

With the ongoing pandemic, students here are finding innovative ways to safely socialize—from movie nights and virtual games to spending time outside

A recent USA Today article listed 100 things to do during the pandemic, including completing a puzzle, starting a journal or a blog, watching long movies, learning a new language, and meditating. While some of these activities are typically done alone, Eleanor Reyelt ’23 shared her favorite activity to do with other people.

“My friends and I have been hanging out a lot recently, and one of our favorite things to do is have a fire pit,” Reyelt said. “We sit outside, talk, and sometimes make s’mores. A fire pit is a perfect pandemic activity because it’s easy, warm, and fun for a lot of people.”

Additionally, Zachary Adler ’23 shared his favorite activities to partake in during school. 

“At lunch, my friends and I usually stand in a circle where we are all spread apart and play soccer,” Adler said. “It’s super safe because we only use our feet and aren’t very close to one another. Before winter break, we played organized pickup games after school with Mr. Hardman, which was very fun as well.”

Senior Class President Joseph Bahhady ’21 was involved in planning activities for this year’s seniors.

“As the 12th-grade, we partook in a game of hockey foosball that students loved, with some laughter and fun during a COVID-19 pandemic that hasn’t been the greatest,” Bahhady said. “It was nice to formulate teams and play—6 feet apart—which really brought parts of the grade closer as we edge near graduation.”

Upper School Senate President Kat Klacko ’21 has also been involved in arranging community events. 

“Organizing events for students during the pandemic is a lot harder than it looks. It’s a combination of safety measures, as well as what will make the students happy during these times,” Klacko said. “In previous years, the School has treated seniors to a day of bowing, but unfortunately, this year that event looked a little different. The senior class representatives and I ordered individual Chipotle meals for each 12th-grade student. Then, we watched a movie, and played real life foosball in the gym. The seniors who participated were very engaged, and seemed to have had a great time.”

Klacko also shared that Upper School Senate will be organizing special treats on Fridays through March break.