Students Prepare for Modified 12th Grade Project


David Cutler

Jordan Minor ’19 interned with Athletic Director Jeff Gates for his Senior Project, helping in a Lower School gym class.

Natalie Kozhemiakin, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

The 12th Grade Project is conducted each spring to provide members of the graduating class with an opportunity to engage in a thorough study on a topic of their choosing. While this often includes an internship, research project or independent study, COVID-19 has forced the School to rethink this year’s project.

Despite modified hours and guidelines—as well as more inclusive options of study for both in-person and concurrent students—faculty and 12th grade students remain optimistic. 

“I am pleased that we have been able to support students that have a traditional project for May, while also finding some opportunities at Brimmer for students to do an internship, work with a teacher as a TA, or help plan out the spring time activities,” Upper School Head Joshua Neudel said.

Katarina Klacko ‘21 plans to work alongside several peers with a company called Artists for Humanity for her project.  

“I believe that the School has done a great job to adjust senior projects during the COVID times,” Klacko said. “Through my chosen program, Artists for Humanity, we will create a structure for Brimmer, and that will fulfill our Senior Project requirement.”

12th Grade Project Director Diana Scharrer explained how the Project will be different this year.

“In addition to traditional internships and independent studies, students also have various on-campus group project options to choose from,” Scharrer said.

Jacob Mejia Levy ‘21, who has been learning concurrently since September, is currently in the process of selecting his desired project.

“A few weeks ago, I filled out a form with options for the Senior Project,” Mejia Levy said. “I am still trying to navigate how the projects will work due to the pandemic, but I hope that more information will be released soon.”

As in years past, 12th grade students who participate in AP classes or sports are required to complete less hours of Project work per week. This allows students to sufficiently prepare for their exams and continue to pursue a sport while completing their project.