Photos: Week of Apr. 5

Edan Zinn, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

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  • Brian Barrera ’22, Owen Williams ’23, and Leni Hicks-Dutt ’23 play soccer at lunch.

  • Terry E. Carter and Jonathan Fagan return to perform for the Upper School Ensemble and Greenline.

  • Jack Nathanson ’23 and Kolja Westhues ’23 play guitar at lunch.

  • Quinton Nsamba ’21 serves during a Lacrosse-baseball game.

  • Kolja Westhues ’23 practices the drums at Upper School Ensemble rehearsal.

  • Angeline Nur Dervisevic ’21, Molly McHugh ’21, and Behare Goshime ’22 play Jenga during lunch.

  • Kieran Cross ’23 and Kolja Westhues ’23 rehearse at band.

  • Zak Adler ’23 plays lacrosse on the field.

  • Dieter Gartner ’22 plays piano at Band rehearsal.

  • Rachel Sobel ’23 catches a lacrosse ball.

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It looks like students are settling into the fully in-person schedule. With lunch now outside, students are playing soccer, lacrosse, and music everyday on the athletic field in between classes. Guest Artists Terry E. Carter and Jonathan Fagan returned to perform jazz music and poetry for the Upper School Ensemble and Greenline. Spring athletics activities began, with Running Club, softball, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse practicing throughout the week.