School to Modify Prom for Safety


David Cutler

Prom will be held on the field to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

Natalie Kozhemiakin, Editor-in-Chief

In the final weeks of a pandemic-stricken academic year, the School plans to celebrate upperclassmen with its traditional spring event, Prom.

The event will be held outside on campus on June 2, with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Although under new circumstances, both students and faculty are eager to participate in a historic prom, including Upper School Head Joshua Neudel.

“This is an event that students look forward to every year, and it was a priority to find a safe way to ensure that the Class of 2021 had this experience since last year’s event could not happen in person,” Neudel said.

According to Neudel, there are many modifications in place to ensure the safety of all attendees.

The event will only be attended by students of the School, with a set limit of 75 people. Mask-wearing and physical distancing rules will also be in place, along with the other safety measures the School has established to keep students safe this year. Additionally, each student will have individual, distanced tables. The School has also decided against hosting a pre-Prom gathering for students and parents for pictures. Instead, a photographer will be present during Prom.

School Nurse and Director of Health Services Beth Escobar feels comfortable with the event’s precautions and applauds everyone involved with preparing for Prom.

“Many schools are forbidding Prom during COVID because it’s a daunting undertaking, but not Brimmer! I hope our students can feel the love,” Escobar said.

Even though this prom will look different, Escobar hopes that everyone will come to the Prom and make it a memorable event.

“We are in a history-making time in U.S. and world history,” Escobar said. “Attendees should put their heads together to come up with some fun activities to do while following COVID protocols.”

Similar to in past years, a Prom committee of eight Upper School students and faculty meet weekly to discuss logistics and plan the event.

Upper School Senate President Kat Klacko ’21, a member of the Prom committee, shared her excitement about Prom. 

“Even though there are many restrictions and guidelines to follow, I’m sure that upperclassmen will enjoy this very special event,” Klacko said. “In a year when so many things have changed, it is nice to keep this tradition.”