Spring Sports Lifts Students’ Sprits


Edan Zinn

Rachel Sobel ’23 catches a lacrosse ball.

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

Although this academic year has been unprecedented, one thing that has raised students’ spirits is the start of spring sports.

Athletics currently offered here include tennis, lacrosse, running club, softball, and baseball.

While sports are running differently this year, without regularly scheduled games or matches, students say that team play is bringing a taste of normal back to School.

Lacrosse Coach Christian Stratter said that masks and social distancing called for the team to alter their practices.

“We have to wear masks and social distance, so we are focusing on different aspects of lacrosse,” Stratter said. “We’ve been doing a lot of stick work and passing.”

Stratter hopes to hold a scrimmage against another school by the end of the spring.

“The boys have been working really hard, and I think they deserve it,” Stratter said. “Overall, this year has been interesting, but good at the same time.”

Owen Williams ’23, who plays on Stratter’s lacrosse team, said this season has been “amazing” so far.

“I finally get the chance to play a sport that I love with some of my closest friends,” Williams said. Even though it is different than last year, because we are unable to go full contact, we are still having a great time playing.”

Tennis player Hebe Qiang ’23 shared that after playing on the tennis team in Middle School, she enjoys being able to play through 10th grade.

“Even during this COVID year, tennis is not very different and I’m still having a good time,” Qiang said.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis teams had their first season matches Monday, marking the School’s first interscholastic meet in over a year at the School. Both teams came out victorious and will compete again before the season ends in May.

In addition to the usual spring sports, there is also a soccer league running at the School. In the league, students, faculty, and staff formed teams to compete against each other in an ongoing tournament.

Leni Hicks-Dutt ’23, who played soccer in the fall and is participating in the tournament, said that it “feels great to be playing a competitive form of soccer again.”

“It’s nice to be together with friends after school, we have so much fun playing together,” Hicks-Dutt said.