Photos: 11th Grade at Project Adventure

David Cutler, Adviser

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  • Harrison Teschke, Ayanna Jefferson, and Emma Goldstone belay peers climbing a 35-foot wall.

  • 11th grade students meet at the end of the day’s activities to compliment each other’s bravery and risk taking.

  • Theo Johnson scales the wall at Project Adventure.

  • Dieter Gartner belays Theo Pellman and Tahina Trias-Lizama up the 35-foot wall.

  • Theo Pellman prepares to scale the 35-foot wall, as his peers cheers him on.

  • Kai Wen is excited as he climbs up to go on the zip line.

  • Students cheer on their peers as they engage in noodle-fighting 30 feet in the air.

  • Charles McLaughlin belays his peers, who climb up to engage in a noddle fight 30 feet high.

  • Theo Johnson, Theo Pellman, and Jackson Ostroski support climber on the 25-foot wall.

  • Elisabeth Fitzgerald and Jackson Ostrowski talk about tactics before they engage in high-ropes noodle fighting.

  • Brian Barrera and Behare Goshime belay climbers up the 35-foot wall.

  • Ayanna Jefferson overcomes her fear to climb the 35-foot wall.

  • Students prepare to go on the zip-line.

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The Class of 2022 spent last Friday on the high ropes course at Project Adventure in Beverly, Massachusetts. Students bonded over trust activities, including wall climbing and zip-lining. In the video (above), Sophie Katz ’22 reacted to repelling down from the catwalk.