CAP Field Trips Return With ‘Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic’


CAP students at American Repertory Theater. Photo courtesy of Bill Jacob.

Zakkai Mares-Van Praag, Journalist

The Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP) went on their first field trip since February of 2020 on Thursday, heading into Boston to see Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a pillar of the program were the trips to various performances and art exhibits across greater Boston. These excursions ranged from musicals to interpretive dance performances to singer’s nights at Berklee College of Music.

During the pandemic, diploma head Bill Jacob hosted movies in the theater. However, this trip was the first time the group was able to travel outside of the School since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic, located at the Loeb Drama Center at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, was an eclectic mixture of tap dancing, singing, and various instruments.

“I enjoyed the show,” Kelly Rimas ’22 said. “The artists clearly had insane talent, which was really inspiring, and encourages me to work harder in my field.”

The next field trip will be The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 28.