Open House Returns In Person


Upper School tour guides pose at Open House. Photo courtesy of Brimmer and May School.

Zakkai Mares-Van Praag, Journalist

The School hosted an Open House on October 23, organized by student tour guides and admissions staff.

The tours were led by 22 Middle and Upper School students and five parent volunteers. In total, the tour guides led 45 tours of about 100 prospective families. Teachers were stationed throughout the building to answer questions.

“Open House was a great experience,” Behare Goshime ’22, a tour guide in attendance, said. “It was lovely to meet all the families that visited.”

Chad Ajig, the new Director of Upper School Admissions, was thrilled by the outcome. “Open House was a huge success! We heard glowing feedback from prospective families, and tons signed up for interviews following the event,” Ajig said.

“Our student tour guides are largely to thank for this, as their efforts in showing the school, answering countless questions, and embodying the Brimmer spirit spoke to prospective families in volumes. We are lucky to have them as part of our admissions family!” Ajig said.