New AP Studio Art Students Enjoying Class


Leni Hicks Dutt ’23 works on a painting of her great-great-grandmother.

Since the start of the second term, the three-semester AP Studio Art class has gained new students, each with a passion for creative expression.

Eleanor Reyelt ’23 has been interested in art for as long as she can remember.

“I joined AP art because I’m a visual artist in the Creative Arts Diploma Program,” Reyelt said. “I wanted more pieces to build my portfolio.”

Unlike Reyelt, Leni Hicks-Dutt ’23 joined AP Art for a “nice balance.”

“I play a lot of sports,” Hicks-Dutt said. “So when Mr. Ridge asked me if I was interested in the class after I took advanced drawing and painting last year, I immediately said yes, because I enjoy art and find it relaxing.”

Both Reyelt and Hicks-Dutt agree that AP Art is one of their favorite classes. 

“I play a lot of sports, so I really enjoy the balance AP Art gives me,” Hicks-Dutt said.

Eleanor Reyelt ’23 painted her grandmother.

“I actually love AP Art,” Reyelt said. “Everyone who is in the class is there to do what they love, so there’s a lot of creative energy.”

Among these artists, Madeline Hsiao ‘23 and Hebe Qiang ’23 also just joined AP Art. 

“I took AP Art because I wanted to improve my artistic ability,” Hsiao said. “I enjoy spending time with my friends doing something we love.”

“Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for art,” Qiang said. “I took this class so I could draw more and learn new skills.” 

Like their classmates, Hsaio and Qiang enjoy this class. 

“I love the class so far. Mr. Ridge is super helpful, and I feel like I’m improving my skills,” Hsiao said. 

Madeline Hsiao ’23

Though the class began for these students a month ago, they are already working on a major project. Artists are working on painting a black and white photo onto a canvas.

“We’re making our own canvases on foam, and we’ll put it on a frame later. I didn’t know this was even possible, and it’s actually pretty cool,” Hicks-Dutt explained.

Artists say this project has some sentimental value, as the artists are using photos of their relatives. Reyelt is working on a photo of her grandmother, Hicks-Dutt on a photo of her great-great-grandmother, Hsiao on a photo of her grandfather and aunt, and Qiang on a photo of her parents. 

“I really like this project,” Reyelt said. “It is pushing me out of my comfort zone, and feels very special because it’s inspired by someone I love.”

Hebe Qiang ’23 painted her parents.
A figure drawing by Leni Hicks-Dutt ’23.
A drawing by Leni Hicks-Dutt ’23.