Varsity I Boys Basketball One Win Away From Historic Season


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The Varsity I Boys Basketball Team.

At this point in the 2021-2022 winter season, the Varsity I Boys Basketball team is on the precipice of breaking the record for the most wins in one season.

For years, the team has been placed in matchups against competition from far bigger schools that reside in only the most elite leagues and conferences. Despite this, the team has risen above their rivals with a 10-8 record on the season.

Now, they are only one win away from their vaunted single-season win record.

The team, which for years has been placed in matchups against competition from far bigger schools in only the most elite conferences, has risen above their rivals with a distinct winning record.

Starting center Quinn Nielsen ’23, who has been a premier player this season, is grateful and excited for the opportunity to make history.

“It’s a good feeling,” Nielsen said. “Just having a great season like this is an awesome feeling overall. We’ve been playing with six people almost all seasons so being able to do this will be awesome.”

Elijah Kinney ’23, who has been on the team since he entered the school as a 10th-grade student in 2021, is also happy to be a part of the momentous season.

“It’s been a really good season,” Kinney said. “For me, it has been a lot of ups and downs with my ankle and concussion, but it’s really nice to have the team go out every night and perform. That’s a really hard task, especially in this league.”

Along with the most wins in a season, one more victory would mean that Head Coach Tom Nelson would attain the 100th win of his career at the school.

“Getting to ninety-nine wins was a great accomplishment alone but getting to 100 will be a great feeling to do it for Tom,” Nielsen said.

Kinney responded with a similar sentiment when asked about the possible 100th win.

“Getting to this point in the season is exciting for us and especially for Tom, so I’m hoping we can pull that win out today and get him to 100 wins.”

With the momentous and record-breaking implications of one more win for the team, viewers can tune in today at 5:30 p.m. to see their next game.