Culture: Shoes of the Newsroom

Do the Gator staffers have shoe game?

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  • “My UGGs are convenient and comfy,” Tucker Bernon ’25 said.

  • “These used to be my training shoes for cross country, and I won the legue championship in them,” runner and Managing Editor Brian Gamble ’23 said. “Now, I just wear them around because they’re comfortable.”

  • “I like my Converse High Tops,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Edan Zinn ’23 said. “They are functional in the winter and fashionable all year.”

  • Polly Zimmerman ’25 matches with Edan Zinn ’23. “I like my Converse because they’re simple and convenient,” Zimmerman said.

  • “I don’t really like them but I got them 2 years ago and I don’t feel like getting new ones,” Amelia Bowman ’25 said about her Nike shoes.

  • “I like my Nikes because they’re fashionable and clean,” Nick Kozhemiakin ’25 said.

  • Martin Maynard ’22 loves his North Face slippers.“They’re comfortable and they can be worn inside and outside the house,” Maynard said.

  • “I don’t even know why I wear these,” Nico Jaffer ’23 said about his Merrells. “I’ve had them for too long.”

  • “I like my shoes because they provide ankle support! Also, they’re All-Birds so they’re eco friendly,” Maddie Pogoda ’25 said.

  • “These shoes are comfortable and waterproof,” Conno Wagner ’25 said.

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