Culture: Tea Gossip Sparks Debate On Campus

One of the nice things about the School is the tea selection. Having to wake up early every morning can be quite difficult. If you’re often rushing in the morning, you might not have time to go to Starbucks or Dunkin to get a nice warm beverage. 

Luckily, the School has some delicious tea to help start your day off on the right foot! It’s sweet but not overwhelming; hot, but not boiling. And if you really want to make it taste delicious and creamy, you can add some of the School’s high-quality Oat Milk!

Oat Milk is a dairy-free substitute and a delicious addition to coffee or tea. It adds a great flavor to your beverage, also bringing the temperature of your tea to a perfect level. 

Since November, Madeleine Pogoda ’25 and I have been having a heated debate every morning on how to actually make tea. They believe that you must let your tea bag steep for at least five minutes until you can drink it. For some teas, they even let it steep for 15 minutes! They also never add milk of any sort to their tea. 

I think that tea is much better when it’s not oversteeped. I prefer to steep my tea for one to three minutes, maybe a bit longer if it’s an herbal tea. I also enjoy adding milk to black tea; it makes it less strong. 

I’ve been drinking tea for a long time, and I have an extensive selection of tea at home. Over time, I’ve found that steeping your tea is quite difficult. You must time it correctly, or you’ll end up with either an overly strong liquid or brownish water. 

We sent out a survey to the School about tea to see other people’s preferences. A majority of the people who drink tea steep it for three to four minutes. The number of people who put milk in their tea and the number of people that don’t is even. Black tea was the tea that 42.8 percent of people put milk in as of writing.

Our data clearly shows how differently everyone drinks tea. Most people use different dairy products and steep for different amounts of time. Pogoda and I have definitely learned a lot from this experiment, but the number one thing we’ve discovered is that our school really likes tea!

— Amelia Bowman