Culture: What Snacks Do Gator Staffers Run On?

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  • Brian Gamble ’23 runs on apples.

  • Nico Jaffer ’23 runs on Oreos.

  • Edan Zinn ’23 runs on carrots or grapes.

  • Kate Hirschen ’23 runs on Cheez-Its Sweet & Salty Snack Mix.

  • Tucker Bernon ’25 runs on Goldfish.

  • Polly Zimmerman ’25 runs on Oreos.

  • Jack Malloy ’25 runs on pretzels.

  • Grace Papas ’23 runs on dried mango or apples with peanut butter.

  • Charles McLaughlin ’22 runs on Wheat Thins.

  • Amelia Bowman ’25 runs on Smartfood.

  • Haleigh Jacobs ’23 runs on Smartfood.

  • Sophia Spring runs on Keebler cheese and crackers.

  • Zakkai Mares-Van-Praag ’22 runs on dry seaweed.

  • Natalie Kozhemiakin ’23 runs on Trader Joe’s chilli-rolled chips.

  • Nicholas Kozhemiakin ’25 runs on Kit-Kats.

  • AdviserDavid Cutler runs on Dunkin.

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