With Mess, Senior Lounge Loses Furniture


David Cutler

Upper School Head Joshua Neudel and Class of 2022 homeroom teachers decided to shutdown the senior lounge Thursday, after students routinely leave behind a mess.

After months of sustained uncleanliness, yesterday, Upper School Head Joshua Neudel ordered the removal of the Senior Lounge’s furniture.

Since January, Neudel has spoken with senior homeroom teachers and student leaders about the lounge’s cleanliness.

In addition to sticky floors and chairs, a photograph of the lounge shows that students also left behind cables, textbooks, papers,  food, half-empty bottles and cups, and writing utensils.

If students maintain the empty space, which is still technically open, the furniture could be returned Tuesday after lunch for seniors to enjoy during their last week of regular classes.

“The class president worked hard to come up with a system to keep it clean, but it did not get support from classmates and they continuously said they would keep it clean,” Neudel said. “We have been talking about what would happen for a few months and the lack of respect for the space and classmates is why we decided we had to remove furniture for a few days. The 12th grade represents our oldest students in the School and model behavior for everyone. Unfortunately, they were not able to come up with a way to keep the space clean or monitor each other.”

Class President Behare Goshime ’22 agrees with the decision.

“I feel like this is a good reality check that a lot of seniors needed, especially going into college when we will have to learn to be tidy,” Goshime said.

However, not all seniors are happy about the move.

“I just wish there was more open communication so that seniors did not have to have this privilege revoked in their last week of high school,” Kelly Rimas ’22 said.