Gator Jeopardy: Librarians and Academic Support

Special thanks for this episode to Sophia Spring ‘22, Evan Michaeli ‘24, and Yutong Zou ‘22 for camera and audio. In addition, thanks to Marlie Kass ‘23, CJ McLaughlin ‘22, and Sophia Spring ‘22 for help writing questions. All three episodes have been hosted and edited by Zakkai Mares-Van Praag ‘22. Thank you all for watching!

Correction (and a spoiler, so read after watching): Due to the winning contestant failing to put “who is” in their Final Jeopardy answer and wagering everything, in technical terms, they finish in a tie with the second placer at 0 points and making them both winners. Congratulations to all four jeopardy victors across the three episodes, and all nine participants.