New Staff Profile: Emily Whitten, Admissions Counselor


Emily Whitten

The Gator recently sat down with new Interim Upper School Admissions Counselor Emily Whitten, to learn more about her experience, and what her aspirations are for her time at the School. She shares with us what the School admissions, and admissions in general is all about.

Why did you choose to work at the School?

I chose Brimmer because I could see myself getting behind the School’s mission and because I believe in what the school is striving to do for its students. My decision was helped by how friendly folks were when I came to interview and the joy I saw reflected around the school.

What are your goals for this year?

My biggest goal for the year is to get to know the Brimmer community and work to bring the best new people into it. I also hope to learn why others choose to come and stay here to best represent their stories to prospective students and families.

What is your favorite thing about the School?

I really appreciate the curiosity of everyone at Brimmer. Everywhere I go people are asking questions and trying to form a deeper understanding of everything, from a line in a book to a panel in a graphic novel to a question about brain functionality to why the leaves change color outside. That attitude of seeking knowledge and wanting to understand the world around you is my favorite thing to see in a day.

What motivated you to work in Admissions?

I’ve been in the admissions world for a while; I started giving tours and speaking on panels a decade ago when I was 12 for my middle school. Since then, I have continued to work in admissions and really solidified my love while in college working as a tour guide. Stepping into this role felt like the natural progression for my career in admissions.

What is your favorite part about working in this field?

My favorite part about admissions is that I get to talk about the best parts of school all the time. I love school as a general concept – the ability to try out new subjects and ideas as your major commitment is incredible. Brimmer has a breadth of options for students, which is makes it even more exciting to show off. I believe schools can be foundational to who people turn out to be, and helping others find that right fit makes my job a lot of fun. I also enjoy getting to meet new people every day and have moments of connection, be it over our love of the Percy Jackson series, plant biology, or baseball; I get to learn new people every day and help them find their place for success.