Even With Talent, 76ers Can’t Produce

Even With Talent, 76ers Cant Produce

Seven. That’s how many wins the Philadelphia 76ers, a professional basketball team, have out of the 49 games they have played this season.

The 76ers began the 2015-2016 season on an 18-game, two-month losing streak. They were one loss short of tying the all-time record for most losses to start a season, saved by their December win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Since then, the 76ers have won six games and lost 24, giving them a league-low 14.3 win percentage, and the sixth worst record in the history of NBA at this point in the season. The 2012 Charlotte Bobcats, who finished the season with a win percentage of 10.6, own the worst all-time NBA record.

The 76ers have been struggling to rebuild their organization for the past three years, but despite their dismal record, now seem to have found a promising core of young players.

Most important is 76ers’ center Jahlil Okafor, who lead Duke University to a National Championship his freshman year in college, and then entered the draft. Okafor was selected third overall in 2015 by the 76ers—a no-brainer for a team in search of young talent. This season, Okafor is averaging an impressive 17.9 points and 7.9 rebounds per game, while shooting 49 percent from the field.

Along with Okafor, the 76ers have power forward Nerlens Noel, a second year player, Jerami Grant, another second year player, Robert Covington, a third year player, Nik Stauskas, a second year player, and Hollis Thompson, a third year player, as well as a group of other young players.

The most experienced player on their roster is Elton Brand, who in his 17th year in the NBA and might as well be collecting Social Security checks; he hasn’t played all season. 

But with just 33 games left this season, the 76ers know that a talented roster may not be able to stop them from not only being the worst team in the current NBA but also being the worst team in NBA history.