Students Flock to Online Chess

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It’s no secret that online chess has invaded classrooms and hallways, with becoming wildly popular with students.

“It is a very fun game to play and it is fun that everyone is playing it,” Andrew Flint ‘26 said, an avid player. allows players to compete against a range of AI-difficulty levels, from beginner to Grandmaster.

“It’s really exciting how such an ancient game has piqued the interest of so many students now,” Bharath Palanisamy ‘24 said, another avid player

Along with playing chess, students have been watching live streams of matches between Grandmasters on YouTube, where contestants play for millions.

“I’m grateful for the resurgence of chess in my life. I learned to play when I was very young, but chess has never surrounded me like it is now,” Oliver Bagget ‘24 said.

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