GNN: Windston Legentus ’26 Lights Up V1 Basketball

Windston Legentus ’26 excelled on the court during his debut season with the Varsity 1 Boys Basketball team, playing a crucial role in their journey to the NEPSAC quarterfinals.

Despite his youth, Legentus has shown remarkable prowess as a sharpshooter. His ability to nail three-pointers from beyond the arc has proven to be a valuable asset for his team.

Legentus averaged 10 points per game. With 288 points for the season, he finished as the team’s fourth leading scorer.

As a long-range threat, Legentus’s marksmanship consistently stretches the defense, creating space for his teammates and contributing to the team’s overall offensive firepower.

Legentus aleady has offers from Florida Gulf Coast University, Boston University, Stonehill College, and Albany University—all D1 teams.