Ultimate Frisbee Reinstated as Physical Education Activity


In 2017, after just one season, the School terminated the School’s Ultimate Frisbee team due to lack of interest and difficulty securing coaches.

Now, six years later, the administration has reinstated the sport with a recent spike in interest, but as a physical education class.

Caleb Meranus

“We were interested in bringing this activity back at the physical education level,” Athletic Director Brett Kelly said. “It;s a great sport that welcomes all genders and all levels, and from a cultural standpoint could be a really nice fit for the community.”


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For Assistant Coach Andrew Beal, who also coached inaugural team, Ultimate offers an exciting chance to continue training athletes in a sport he loves.
“I’m very excited that ultimate is returning, and I really enjoy the ability to continue to build on what we began six years ago,” Beal said. “A lot of that is due to the fact that we were able to Head Coach Kobe, who played ultimate while he was in university.”

The physical education class practices Tuesday and Thursday. As a whole, Beal is optimistic about the future of the sport at Brimmer.

“We have a core of young, motivated and experienced players, and we are hopeful that they will help build the program,” Beal said.

Kelly is open to discussing developing the program in the future.