Spring Kicks Off Inaugural ‘Ultimate’ Season


This spring, the Athletics Department will offer Ultimate Frisbee as a co-ed sport—and the community is pumped. 

A popular recreational activity, “Ultimate” is now becoming a very popular team sport among high schools and colleges in the United States. According to a 2013 USA Today article, “for some college students Ultimate Frisbee is not only a serious and competitive pastime, but also a fast-growing sport that offers a unique sense of sportsmanship and community to those involved.”

Moreover, Major League Ultimate kicked off the sport’s inaugural season in 2013. The professional league now consists of eight teams—including the Boston Whitecaps, who play at Hormel Stadium in Medford, MA.

Here, this community is ecstatic about the sport. “It is huge, and it’s very popular,” said Athletic Director Jeff Gates. “It provides students with another opportunity, and it’s less competitive than the other spring sports.”

The team, consisting of 15 upper school students, will be coached by lower school teacher Andrew Beal.

I was excited to coach ultimate this season because the game holds a special place in my heart,” Beal said. “When I served in the Peace Corps, the volunteers played ultimate whenever we were together. Looking ahead to the season, I am looking forward to developing skills and a general understanding of the game while having lots of fun.”

With only three Friday matches scheduled so far, the season’s light schedule will provide the team with plenty of time to practice.

“We are very excited to be part of a co-ed team,” said Sammy Vingers ’17. “I am looking forward to getting in good cardio and participating in some easygoing competition.”