Congratulations to Varsity Award Winners


The Gator wishes to congratulate the winter varsity award winners:

Varsity Girls’ Basketball

Most Valuable Player — Shani Breiman ’18
Most Improved Player — Donna Colombo ’19
Most Improved Player — Abby Mynahan ’19
Coach’s Award — Sophia Gomez ’19

Varsity Boys’ Basketball

Most Valuable Player — Jacob Quiles ’16
Most Improved Player —  Steven Ramsden ’19
Most Improved Player — Michael Donahue ’19
Coach’s Award —  Peng Zhang ’18

Varsity Boys’ Basketball

Most Valuable Player — Mark Gasperini ’16
Most Improved Player — Isaiah Fontaine ’16
Most Improved Player —  Ben Teixeira ’19
Coach’s Award —  Adam Mikula ’16


Most Valuable Curler — Sean Hussey ’16
Coach’s Award — Olivia Malmstrom ’16
Most Improved Curler —  Michelle Levinger ’19 and Maya Bousek ’19

Congratulations to the curling team on winning the B event final championships and on making runner up in the D finals. This marks the third consecutive year that our Curlers have won at least one championship.