Inside the Premier League: Race for First Place


Match Week 31 featured five important match-ups.

Arsenal 2:0 Everton 

On Saturday, Alexis Sanchez sent a through ball past the defenders into the six yard box to Danny Welbeck. He then shot the ball down the middle of the goal line to put Arsenal up in the 6th minute. In the 41st minute, Hector Bellerin sent an almost identical ball past the defenders to Alex Iwobi, who also shot the ball down the center of the goal line to give his team a comfortable 2-goal lead.

Chelsea 2:2 West Ham 

In this exciting matchup, each team scored alternating goals with an eventual outcome of a 2:2 draw. Manuel Lanzini scored the first goal in the 16th minute with a right-footed shot from outside the box into the top right corner ,putting West Ham up a goal. With just 20 seconds left in the first half, Cesc Fabregas scored off of a free kick by shooting the ball into the top left corner to tie the game in extra time. In the 61st minute, Andy Carroll received a through ball from Dimitri Payet and slotted the ball into the bottom left hand corner just out of reach from the goalkeeper,West Ham up. In the 88th minute, Cesc Fabregas received a penalty kick which he successfully scored into the bottom right hand corner to equalize the game and prevent Chelsea from falling in the rankings.

Leicester City 1:0 Crystal Palace 

In a third game Saturday, Riyad Mahrez shot the ball into the bottom right hand corner off of a cross from Jamie Vardy to put Leicester City up a goal in the 33rd minute. Crystal Palace could not score a goal throughout the remainder of the game which lead to a 1:0 victory. This win was crucial for Leicester City to maintain their first-place lead, as well put them five points up from the second-place Spurs.

Manchester City 0:1 Manchester United 

On Sunday, Marcus Rashford scored in the 15th minute with a right-footed shot down the center of the goal line off of an assist from Juan Mata. Manchester City could not rebound,which caused a 1:0 victory for Manchester United.

Spurs 3:0 Bournemouth 

Also on Sunday, the Spurs shut out Bournemouth 3:0 to secure its spot for second place in the table. In the 43rd second, Harry Kane scored off a cross by Kyle Walker by placing the ball into the bottom left corner. The second goal came in the 15th minute when Kane scored again into the bottom right corner off of a through ball from Dele Alli. The final goal came in the 51st minute from Christian Eriksen with a right-footed shot into the bottom right corner to solidify the lead.