Students Share Thoughts on Brussels Attacks


Close up of hands holding a paper piece with a text to pray for Belgium in front of Belgian flag

As part of a series of global terrorist attacks over spring break, on March 22, ISIS targeted an airport and a train station in Brussels, claiming 32 lives to again shock the the Western world.

The Gator spoke with several students, curious to hear reactions to the growing terrorist threat. Throughout, respondents expressed fear that similar attacks could happen anywhere, including here in the United States, but that we must also remain strong and united.

The attack was very scary. For someone who was getting on a plane the day of the attacks it made me not want to go on vacation. I travel a lot and all these terrorist attacks make me feel unsafe while traveling. – Sylvia Welch ’19


The attacks on Belgium were tragic, and it happened when I was on vacation. I just freaked out. I’m very worried about traveling on public transportation in big cities now. – Tony Zheng ’17.


When the Brussels attacks happened I was at the Salk Lake City airport. There was a flight to Denver that had to deplane because of multiple suspicious packages that were in the airport. It makes me feel that even the United States isn’t totally safe. – Andre Mitrano ’18.


I think that the Brussels attack definitely makes a lot of people scared to travel, and to live their everyday lives as normal. Terrorists want you to be scared. Don’t let them win. – Liam Johansson ’17.


It’s terrible that these things happen—such awful incidents. We just have to increase security and be more cautious. We can’t assume or discriminate because that leads to more hatred. – Ben Teixeira ’19


The attack on Brussels was just horrible. I was in London at the time it happened, but I was still not scared about traveling all around the world. We have to stand together and not let the terrorists win. We can’t be scared. – Rakan Aloramen ’19


The Brussels attack was a tragedy. Many innocent people lost their lives, and it really shocked the world. People see transportation differently now. – Alex Dolan ’17.


The attack on Brussels was shocking and heartbreaking. All the lives lost. It makes me think twice about traveling because it could happen anywhere. – Steven Ramsden ’19