Teacher Talks: Head of School Judy Guild

“The first, and probably single most important goal, is to achieve academic excellence. We want our students to have the opportunity to bring out their personal best in everything they do.”

So says Head of School Judy Guild, who, in a recent Gator interview, outlined some of her goals for the year ahead. First and foremost, Guild explains, the School has always embraced innovation. “We want to have our students be exposed to taking initiative, problem solving and critical thinking,” she says, adding that such qualities are also manifested in the athletic and artistic arenas.

Guild says she is always working toward fulfilling the 2013 strategic plan, available on the School’s web site. In this respect, Guild speaks passionately about educational programing, including STEAM offerings and the School’s new journalism class.

“I think that student voice here has always been a cornerstone of a Brimmer and May experience,” she says. “You see it on the judicial board. You see it in the way kids can choose the trips they want to go on. They have input there. You see it on so many levels. I love the fact that we empower students to have a voice. Now this publication is going to really explode that voice.”

This year, Guild is also excited about Winterim, a signature program that brings students to different parts of the world. “It’s really important [students] have that experience with their teachers…who can lead them through a sightseeing experience, whether it’s Italy, or China, or Belize. Our students understand there’s a lot to be learned from other cultures and places in the world.”

Along these lines, Guild mentioned another goal that fits nicely with Winterim, as well as her own passions—“how important it is to honor our diverse community and fostering a school that is respectful, responsible, and ethical of [everyone]. You’ll see this in everything we do.”

Before parting ways, Guild offered some words of wisdom for students electing what Winterim trip to go on.

“I hope they’re choosing places to go that will widen and broaden your understanding. You’re going to learn about each other too. You’re going to learn about what it’s like to travel when you’re tired. It’s just an amazing experience. I hope people really take everything they can from it.”