X-Country Earns Third in Season Opener


Photo by Lisa Ayers

Three-time defending cross country team league champions came in third place in its first meet of the season, finishing behind Gann and CSW.

Co-Captain Charles Li ‘17 came in 7th place, while Connor Reif ‘19 came in fifth. Liam Conklin ‘19 had an outstanding performance, earning second. Kaitlin Anderson ‘20 came in third among the girls.

By and large, the team attributed its third place finish against seven other teams to losing top runners Ben Texiera ‘19 and Nate Friedman ’16, but expectations remain high for the rest of the season.

“Even though we didn’t win we feel good about the season,” said Tony Zheng ’17. “We love each other, we’re a team and we’re gonna be the first cross country team [in our league] to ever four-peat.”

During the race, a sizable gap developed between the Gators top-3 race finishers and the squad’s 4th-and-5th-place runners. “Everybody on the team is gonna have to step up,” said Co-Captain Lachlan Davidson’17, a top runner who missed the first meet due to injury. “We’ve been in this situation before and we won a championship, I’m confident we can do it again.”

The Gators race again tomorrow at Waring. Davidson will sit out but expects to be back in competition next week.