Cross Country Team, Back on Track



The cross country team earned its first place win last Wednesday, scoring just 50 points against seven MBIL opponents.

Three Gator runners crossed the finish line in the top six. Liam Conklin ’19 led the pack, coming in second. “Our team did much better this race with Matt Ayers ’18 finishing 19th instead of 29th, and Jeff Wu ’18 finishing 23rd,” he said.

Conklin was followed by Connor Reif ’19, who took fourth. Captain Charles Li ’17 grabbed the sixth spot. Matthew Ayres ’18 finished in 9th, followed by Jeff Wu ’18 and Kaitlin Anderson ’20.

The team is looking to continue its march toward its fourth-straight league title tomorrow at Gann Academy, especially with the return of Captain Lachlan Davidson ’17—a frontrunner.  “I’m looking toward to Lachlan returning because that will help the team a lot,” Conklin said.

“We did a lot better, I personally moved up 25 spots from last time,” new runner Jared Heller ’19 said, For his part, Michael Donahue ’18 said, “Overall our team did really well in our first win of the season”

The team is currently training hard to improve its speed and stamina, running hills and up to 6 miles during practice.