Greenline Participates in All-State invitational


Greenline participated in an all-state invitational at Westfield State in Springfield last weekend, a collaborative event which featured choirs from around that state.

Music students at Westfield State conducted Greenline in several of its numbers, offering some helpful tips along the way. The choir also worked with Dr. Felicia Barber, Director of Choral Activities at Westfield State University.

“The trip was fun, we had to do a lot of singing to do which tired us out,” said Paxton Wong ’20,  who attended the trip,

“It was a great trip. We went to Friendly’s on the first night and that was the best part,” said Liam Conklin ’19. “I think that it was a good learning experience and I would like to do it again.”

Sydney Guillaume, a Haitian-American composer, also gave a guest lecture.

Greenline Director Frank Van Atta was very proud of his students. “For our first major performance of the year, Greenline sang exceptionally well,” he said. “Our comments from Syndey highlighted what we already do well, and some opportunities for growth. Overall, it was an incredible experience.”

The chorus sang in front of many choirs from around the state, and eagerly collaborated. Greenline performs next at the Thanksgiving assembly in November.