‘Candide’ to Premier Tonight



After months of rehearsal, the curtain will raise tonight for the Upper School production of Candide, based on the philosophical novel by Voltaire about “the best of all possible worlds.”

The novel is a parody of adventure stories and romances, and follows a young German boy as he tries to conquer numerous obstacles to rescue his forbidden love.

“I think that it’s a great show, and I’m really excited to bring it full-circle,” says Kate Delaney ’17, who plays the title character. “I played a boy in my freshman year as Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, and it’s cool to be able to do again my senior year. It’s really different, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

Creative Arts Department Chair Director Bill Jacob, who is directing the production, said that the ensemble piece allows actors to portray various roles. “All of the actors and actresses are enjoying their time preparing to take center stage, and having the opportunity to play separate roles and represent themselves differently.”

The audience will be glued to their seats, as “there is not a moment to be bored in it,” said Sonya Ewina ’20, who plays multiple characters, including Martin the Pessimist and James the Anabaptist. “There is always stuff going on, and the show has non-stop action from beginning to the end.”

“The play is extremely funny and gives everyone on stage an equal opportunity to show off his or her acting abilities,” says Nicholas Correia, who plays Cacambo, a servant. “The show spans seven continents and people will really enjoy it, especially because it’s nothing like we’ve we’ve ever done.”

“Everyone gets to play multiple roles, which really lets you shine,” said Cara Rittner ‘19, who plays a pirate, a sheep, and a sergeant.  

“The fun of it is to have a different emotion each time you go on stage,” said Libby Foley ‘20, who play a sheep, a horse and towns person. “It’s a great show, especially for my first Upper School production.”

Showtimes are at 7:00 p.m. tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Purchase your tickets by clicking here.