Harvest Fest Celebrates Community


Sam Ravina

Apple cider. Popcorn. Pumpkin rolling. Live music.

The community enjoyed the annual Harvest Fest, which occurred Friday during a crisp, fun-filled morning. Lower school students, paired with middle and upper schoolers, also made harvest mandalas out of pine cones, leaves, and other natural materials.

“The activities were wonderful, and it was wonderful seeing the older students reading picture books to the younger students,” says Lower School Head Thomas Fuller. “I can tell you for a fact that every time we do something like this, the lower school students really look up to their upper school buddies. It’s very, very special.”

Upper School Dean Paul Murray echoed Fuller’s sentiments. “A community should always be judged on how well it takes care of its most vulnerable members,” he said.  “As the younger kids get older, they’ll have that sense of wanting to take care of others as well.”

“It’s always special to see our oldest and wisest members of our community looking out for our youngest and most vulnerable members,” Murray said. “I think it’s hard often for the upper and middle school kids to know this, but their presence does mean something to the younger kids. And the younger kids treasure those moments, and they always have a lot of fun. ”

Murray and Fuller look forward to next year’s Harvest Fest, and plan to help make it just as special.