Let’s Go, Patriots!


Photo purchased from Bigstock.com.

Not even a four-game suspension can keep Tom Brady down—and nothing would be sweeter than NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell being forced to congratulate him for another victory.

This Sunday, the New England Patriots (14-2) will face off against the Atlanta Falcons (11-5) for a chance to earn a fifth Super Bowl title.

Going into the big game, the Pats look unstoppable—especially after beating the Pittsburgh Stealers in the AFC Championship game.

If Brady pulls off the win, he will be the first quarterback in NFL history to have earned five Super Bowl rings. He also stands a shot at becoming a four-time Super Bowl MVP.

The Falcons last made it to the Super Bowl in 1998, losing to the Denver Broncos. But after defeating the Green Bay Packers 44-21 to clinch the 2017 NFC Championship title—and with the league’s leading scoring offense, averaging 33.8 points per game—maybe, just maybe, Atlanta can put up something of a fight.

With the Patriots winning seven of the last 14 match-ups against Atlanta, including the last court straight, let’s hope New England can widen the margin by just one more.