Make Me a Maker: Create a Leather Wallet


For "Make Me a Maker," students can now create their own leather wallets. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Lee.

Charles McLaughlin

For “Make Me a Maker,” students can now create their own leather wallets. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Lee.

Director of Innovation Katheryn Lee’s “Make Me A Maker” initiative, launched last fall, continues to offer students the ability to tinker and create during free periods.

From community-based projects like pendulum art to using a last cutter and hand sewing to make leather wallets, Lee encourages students and teachers of any skill level to participate.

“Although the wallet project has one skill level, most will involve three levels of complexity,” Lee said. “These usually involve going from drawing something by hand, using basic computer software, and finally leveraging more advanced programs to create the object.”

Past individual projects also include creating chocolate boxes for Valentines Day and lanyards for identification cards. Community-based projects, which change each month, have also involved creating a disco ball. Lee also teased that the next community project will be “large, with paint and bubble wrap.”

Currently, students can make their own denim designs, thanks to Ady Jaeckel’25, who introduced the idea.

As a related initiative, during Upper School lunch, in the Innovation Space or Media Lab, students and teachers can also watch Project Runway. During the last five minutes of the period, Elisabeth Fitzgerald ‘22 also runs a mindfulness session.