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The student news site of Brimmer and May School | Chestnut Hill, MA

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The student news site of Brimmer and May School | Chestnut Hill, MA

The Gator

The student news site of Brimmer and May School | Chestnut Hill, MA

The Gator

Charles McLaughlin

Charles McLaughlin, Senior Journalist

CJ has been at Brimmer since her freshman year and has been a member of the newsroom since the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. Outside of writing for The Gator, she is a huge film buff and a member of the Robotics Team as a designer and builder.

All content by Charles McLaughlin
Promotional photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.

TV Review: Is ‘Moon Knight’ Marvel-Appropriate?

May 23, 2022
Marvel’s latest show has been unlike any series before. Compare two perspectives on 'Moon Knight."

‘Moon Knight’ Attempts at Marvel Subversion

May 23, 2022

It is extremely tired at this point to describe any new piece of superhero media as “great if you are sick of the genre,” and Moon Knight is certainly of a piece with that late genre attempts at subversion.  To...

Poster Credit: Warner Bros. Studios

Movie Review: ‘The Batman’

April 1, 2022
Earlier this month, DC Films put out the best Batman story to grace the big screen in recent memory.
Poster courtesy of Adult Swim.

TV Review: ‘Smiling Friends’ on Adult Swim

March 3, 2022
'Smiling Friends' is a much-needed return to form for a lost era of Adult Swim shows.
Promotional poster courtesy of Netflix Studios.

Movie Review: ‘Don’t Look Up’ Is Understandable but Unbearable

February 2, 2022
While I support the making of 'Don't Look Up,' the newest sci-fi movie out of Hollywood, I wholeheartedly dislike the final product.
Poster courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Movie Review: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

January 18, 2022
'Spider-Man: No Way Home' has the most entertaining cast the series has seen in years.
Poster courtesy of Netflix Studios.

TV Review: ‘Cowboy Bebop (2021),’ All Jazz, No Soul

December 3, 2021
In trying so hard to imitate the original 'Cowboy Bebop,' the newest version ironically loses the relaxed soul of the series.
Poster courtesy of Netflix Animations

TV Review: ‘Inside Job,’ Netflix’s Latest Missed Opportunity

November 16, 2021
While this series feels like it's precision-engineered just for me, I'm disappointed by its shallowness.
Theatrical release poster courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Movie Review: Venom, Let There Be Carnage

October 27, 2021
Unless you are curious to see how low Tom Hardy can go, give this one a pass.
For anyone born within the last 2 decades, we were not there for 9/11, and we do not share in that same national and personal trauma.

Op-Ed: Why Are Young People Desensitized to 9/11?

October 11, 2021
For anyone born within the last two decades, we were not there for 9/11, and we don't share in that same national and personal trauma.
One of the few promotional posters for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Op-Ed: Why Didn’t Marvel Promote ‘Shang-Chi?’

September 24, 2021
The film is a big step for Asian representation at Disney. Is the company still refusing to promote POC characters, even in 2021? 
The group of eight students pose on the gator bench they constructed.

Q&A: Students Collaborate with Artists for Humanity

June 4, 2021
Throughout May, a group of 11th and 12th-grade students collaborated with the Boston-based nonprofit Artists for Humanity.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com

‘Invincible’ Superhero Series Exceeds Expectations

May 19, 2021
I will admit that I was very hesitant to watch Invincible when it was first announced, yet its excellent production surprised me.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

Movie Review: ‘Mortal Kombat’ Bores Audiences

May 6, 2021
Once again, another director steps up to the plate to make a video game-inspired movie that ends up being boring and bland.
Upper School Greenline Director Max Holman plays the piano during rehearsal.

Faculty Profile: Music Teacher Max Holman

April 23, 2021
Middle and Upper School Music Teacher Max Holman joins the School this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

Movie Review: Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

April 8, 2021
Despite all this criticism, there is something that still draws me in about this special cut, which fans made possible.
Tired female student at workplace in room taking nap on pile of textbooks. Sleepy brunette woman resting during education after sleepless night. Student in despair caused by exam deadline concept. Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

COVID-19 Impacts Sleep Schedules

March 9, 2021
The pandemic has impacted many people's sleep schedules.
A GameStop Strip Mall Location.

Op-Ed: What Happened with GameStop?

February 18, 2021
The stock price has seen a meteoric rise and fall over the last few weeks.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

TV Review: ‘WandaVision’ Offers Creepy, Delightful Vibe

February 8, 2021
Wandavision is a wonderful return to form for the superhero giant.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

Movie Review: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

January 14, 2021
Three years after the first Wonder Woman film, the sequel is a major letdown.
Gator file photo.

Art Classes Adapt to Hybrid Learning Model

December 14, 2020
Classes have faced many changes due to the new learning model.
Video Game Review: Among Us

Video Game Review: ‘Among Us’

November 9, 2020
The online game has become a hit.
Photo illustration by Edan Zinn 23.

Writer’s Picks: Halloween Movies

October 31, 2020
These three spooky movie picks are perfect for Halloween night.
Photo illustration purchased from BigStock.com.

Movie Review: ‘Enola Holmes’

October 16, 2020
The movie is well worth a watch.
Photo Illustration by Edan Zinn 23.

Zoom Raises Questions of Online Privacy, Security

May 8, 2020
The video conferencing service is under fire for their misleading Privacy Policy.
The team huddles during a timeout. Photo by David Barron.

V. Girls Defeats Rival Montrose

February 19, 2020
The Gators won 48-44 against the Montrose School, earning some revenge after losing to the team earlier in the season.
(L-R) Stephanie Cranmore 21, Sade Latinwo 20, Ella Meranus 20, Zachary Ginsberg 22, and Claire Masterson 20 enjoy the sights in Seattle after the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. Photo courtesy of Jessica Christian.

Students Attend National Diversity Conference

January 29, 2020
Students learned how to define and promote diversity.
Students pose for a photo after their workout at the JCC. Photo courtesy of Tom Nelson.

Spin Class Offered as New Activity

January 7, 2020
Classes are held at the nearby JCC.
For Make Me a Maker, students can now create their own leather wallets. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Lee.

Make Me a Maker: Create a Leather Wallet

November 20, 2019
Artists of all skill levels are encouraged to try.
Three Musketeers to Deliver Swashbuckling Fights

‘Three Musketeers’ to Deliver Swashbuckling Fights

November 6, 2019
The play promises to be the most action-packed in School history.
Over the summer, the School installed Bi-Directional Amplifiers, which extend two-way radio coverage into difficult-to-reach areas such as stairwells, underground hallways, and other challenging zones. Photo by David Cutler.

School Updates Fire Alarm System

September 26, 2019
At no point was the School in violation of any code or safety concern.
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Charles McLaughlin