Editorial: Three Cheers for ‘The Three Musketeers’


©David M. Barron/oxygengroup.com

Cora Williams ’20 as Cardinal Richlieu reprimands Zakkai Mares-van Praag ’22 as King Anne.

Gator Editorial Board

Sword fights and laughs were plentiful during the Upper School play, The Three Musketeerswhich took place November 7-9.

According to Director Bill Jacob, the precise number of female characters auditioned for the required number of male roles, while the precise number of male characters auditioned for female roles.

“We have always cast plays with a gender blind approach,” Jacob told The Gator. “We have to, since we always have more young women than men sign up. But that has usually meant casting women in men’s roles, with occasional moments of men in drag. This year, I wanted to see what it would be like to completely switch places.”

The empowering twist featured three female musketeers facing off against an evil cardinal. Love interests were doting men—desperately searching for wives. 

This innovative take on the classic story made for a powerful and often humorous viewing experience, while also showcasing female might and independence. The show also included realistic choreographed sword fighting, which made it even more exciting to watch.

“I always love doing the play because the cast is super supportive,” Zoe Kaplan ’21 said, who played a queen. “The Three Musketeers was different from anything we have ever done before, and I thought that that made it very interesting.”

All in all, the play was a tremendous success. The cast and crew deserve applause for their hard work and commitment.