Op-Ed: Dave Matthews Band Snubbed at Rock Hall


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Michael Young, Journalist

Every year since the 1980s, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, also known as Rock Hall, inducts famous rock artists, usually those who have to play for audiences.

This institution, centered in Cleveland, Ohio, tends to induct five or six bands out of the pool by over 1,000 voters.

Since 2014, the institution has hosted a fan vote, counting for one vote in the actual ballot. The winner, usually the nominee, is inducted. However, in 2020, this was not the case.

While Dave Matthews Band won the fan vote with over a million votes, the Rock Hall is not required to honor the outcome. Dave Matthews Band was not inducted, upsetting fans, myself included.

I question why the most popular nominee was not selected for the Hall of Fame. If Dave Mathews Band was inducted, their induction performance  would have earned the Rock Hall tons of money.

The band has released numerous singles and huge hits, from “Ants Marching” to “Crash Into Me.” Why skip out on this?

I also feel that the Hall of Fame is not prioritizing democracy in their voting processes. While the organization has no obligation to be democratic, it’s a shame to trample upon the will of the people. Why make people less likely to support you?

This might seem unimportant, but I think it is worthy to note that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame made a poor decision. I hope that they won’t make the same mistake in the future.

While I am glad that the institution has inducted artists like Whitney Houston and Nine Inch Nails, they should have inducted the most popular, “newer” artist.